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2022 Year End Report Card

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Dear Friends,

At the end of 2022, we are thrilled to report that the Hu Shih Memorial Bench project has recently crossed the finish line! Please see the photo gallery for the bench placed on the shore of Beebe Lake, a location fondly frequented by Hu Shih more than a century ago. Next to the sign that depicts Hu Shih’s life and contribution, a smaller sign will be attached soon, pointing visitors to an audio message with more information. The audio message can be heard in Chinese and in English.

More than four years have passed since the conception of the Bench project. We spent about two years fundraising. Then the pandemic delayed the design and installation for a year. Now, with the project's completion, we are both elated and relieved that the community's joint effort has borne fruit. It could not have had been done without continuing support from the community of

  • Over sixty donors who contributed financially and maintained an on-going interest in the progress of the project.

  • Staff in Cornell Botanic Gardens who planned, organized, and designed the bench and the signage for the site. Special thanks go to Lynn Swain (Director of Development), Sarah Fiorello (Interpretation Coordinator), and Jay Potter (Graphic Designer).

  • The friends who helped with the making of the signage, including calligraphy, translation and audio message narration.

To all of you, we cannot express our gratification enough!

We also gladly note that in 2021 a new residence hall on the Cornell campus was named Hu Shih Hall (see last photo in the gallery). As one of the most renowned Cornell alumni, Hu Shih has been honored by his alma mater in numerous ways, including Hu Shih Professorship and Hu Shih Distinguished Lecture. The establishment of Hu Shih Hall and Hu Shih Memorial Bench places landmarks on the campus for Hu Shih admirers to remember him by.

Now, in our final report to your, we wish you all a happy and productive 2023!

Hu Shih Memorial Foundation Volunteers

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