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  • Who are we 我们是谁?

We are a group of Cornell University alumni, Cornell Chinese students and scholars, and Hu Shih admirers.  Our volunteers include 我们是康奈尔大学校友,在校中国学者学生,以及胡适先生的仰慕者。我们的志愿者包括:

QIAN Kun, Associate professor at University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D. in East Asian Literature, Cornell University, 2009)  She is responsible for communication with Cornell University.  钱坤:匹兹堡大学副教授, 康奈尔大学2009届东亚文学博士,负责联系康大植物园。

LIU Huaiyu, CFO of V1 Group Limited (MBA, Cornell University, 1997)  He is responsible for fundraising. 刘怀宇:第一视频集团有限公司首席财务官, 康奈尔大学1997届工商管理硕士,负责募捐事务。

ZANG Xiaolin, Principal research programmer/analyst at Carnegie Mellon University (M.S. in Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh, 1988)  She is responsible for technical support. 臧小林:卡内基梅隆大学主任研究程序员兼分析师, 匹兹堡大学1988届计算机科学硕士,负责技术支持。


  • Who manages the funds 捐款由谁管理?

Cornell University Botanic Gardens manages the funds in a designated account.  Cornell University is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  康奈尔大学植物园将捐款保管在一个专用帐号中。

  • What is the goal of our fundraising 需要募捐多少钱?

Cornell has agreed to build and install the bench and interpretive signage, and maintain the site for 25 years, for $30,000.  We would like to raise several thousands dollars more, to pay for certain modifications and contingencies. 康奈尔大学的报价是3万美元,包括长椅以及标示牌的设计制造与安装,以及25年的维护费用。我们希望多筹集几千美元,以备设计修改以及其他需要。

  • What happens to extra funds, if any  多余的捐款怎么用?

When we reach our goal, we will announce it and stop the fundraising activities.  Any unused funds already raised will be donated to the Botanic Gardens.  当我们达到筹款目标后,会在此向大家宣布,并停止募捐活动。 最终没有用完的款项会被捐给康奈尔大学植物园。


  • How can I monitor the fundraising progress 怎样查看捐款进程?

Cornell Botanic Gardens' new fundraising website will be online in January 2019.  The new website will have a progress indicator.  We will also report the progress periodically here in the blog.  2019年1月,康奈尔植物园新的捐款网站将会上线。新网站会显示捐款进度条。我们也将定期地在我们的博客中报告捐款成绩。

  • More questions? Please contact us!  We'll put our answers to common questions here. 如果您还有问题,请联系我们!我们会把常见问题的回答放在这里。

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